Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who is Venture Corps?

Welcome to the Venture Corps blog and thanks for taking a valuable few moments out of your day to read about us! 

My name is Ethan Dean, I am the Social Media Director of Venture Corps, a non-profit grown from a passion to empower people to love the poor, marginalized, and neglected through acts of service in Jesus' name.

Ok, I took that from our website main page, after all it is our slogan ( But this is exactly what Venture Corps stands for.

It all started from a group of young people who had traveled to Uganda with the intention to build relationships with people from another culture. Through the experience in Uganda, they realized they could not return to the United States and exchange what they had just lived for a privileged life. Living in and around Wheaton, IL. they realized that not only was there the opportunity to seek resources for people and ministries in Uganda, but the general church-filled city was a prime environment to stir up a movement of empowerment.

This group of late teen to twenty-somethings envisioned Venture Corps. With a heart to bring justice to communities Venture Corps is committed to listening first, and acting second. We are here to listen to the needs of the community and ask what we can do to provide the means that allow the community to be self-sustainable.

Since we gained 501(c)(3) status in 2012, Venture Corps has focused on a few specific ministries. Springs of Hope in Machakos, Kenya and Serve For Hope Uganda located in Kampala, Uganda. You will most definitely read about these ministries in upcoming posts. For now, know that both ministries are grassroots, community driven, and are changing lives. We look forward to the impact these relationships will have on our world!

Seeking shalom together.

Ethan Dean
Social Media Director